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NeoEx: xLo.Gohan vs MgZ)MoonShine
Written by Musli Thu 05 July 2007 18:54

Today we could see another NeoEx showmatch between two Polish National Team A members, Krzysztof Zyszczuk better known as xLo.Gohan and Tomasz Grinholc who plays under the MgZ)MoonShine nickname.

Gohan(Z) < MoonShine(Z) @ Arcadia 0-1
Gohan(P) < MoonShine(Z) @ Longinus 0-2
Gohan(Z) > MoonShine(Z) @ Tau Cross 1-2
Gohan(P) > MoonShine(Z) @ Gaia 2-2
Gohan(P) > MoonShine(Z) @ Luna 3-2

Very nice comeback from Gohan who was 2 games down but somehow managed to win the series.

Final score: xLo.Gohan 3-2 MgZ)MoonShine


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NeoEx: ToT)iNcontroL( vs xLo.Signal
Written by Musli Tue 03 July 2007 23:51

A showmatch between experienced zerg from USA, Geoff Robinson aka ToT)iNcontroL( and rising terran from Poland, Wojciech Komincz aka xLo.Signal has just ended.

iNcontroL > Signal @ Arcadia 1-0
iNcontroL > Signal @ Longinus 2-0
iNcontroL > Signal @ Peaks of Baekdu 3-0

As you can see iNcontroL outclassed the polish terran and ended the showmatch not losing a single game.

Final score: ToT)iNcontroL( 3-0 xLo.Signal


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GG.Net Crew Tournament Brackets
Written by volmasoft Thu 07 June 2007 00:23

I've just setup the brackets for the GosuGamers crew tournament avaliable at

The following are round 1 matchups:
Epid0n vs Eresea
Gellie vs fAke.Rus_Brain
Zoxxer (EinVoldEinReichEinTo) vs Makro
Lord_of_Chaos vs Firlou
Texas vs Raistlin
Pitcher vs kio'e]MePh
cYaN vs SA-Vilda
Artanis vs synergis

All games are Best of 3 so good luck to everyone and let the trash talking begin! First round of games are to be played on the 11th of June.

My predictions of our quarter finalists are:

Good luck to all participants ! !

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NeoEx runs the GG.Net Crew Tournament
Written by volmasoft Sun 03 June 2007 15:35

A clash of the titans has arrived and been completed before with zoxxer being the victor.

Now we have arrived at the Clash of the Titans, take 2. Who will be the victor? Will it be zoxxer again?

What will happen if Lord_of_Chaos plays his girlfriend Eresea ? Will they battle it out to the bitter end?

Will Vilda be able to take down the mighty Texas?

Currently there are 14 spots out of 16 taken, who will be the last two players? Raistlin? Sailow? Mazor? Hullah? We'll update you as soon as we know!

The tournament will take part from the 11th of June and we'll update you with every match result and replays as the results come in.

For more information on the tournament visit the forums!

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Forums and Updates
Written by volmasoft Sun 03 June 2007 01:19

Hi guys,
I've just setup the NeoEx forums for all NeoEx content to be posted on.

It makes site updating faster if we get multiple admins on and this will help NeoEx grow as big as we can.

As for the forums, i'm not trying to outweigh any forums like or, these forums are just here. Use them if you want, or if you don't want to no one's demanding that you do.

The forums will be the best place to find the latest information to do with the site if it's not published in a news post.

Up and coming:
GG.Net Staff Tournament

Looking into:
Site vs Site tournament

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